Cold, Dry Wind, for piano, Francois Bettencourt, 18.00 at Swedish Church, Paris. 


Rubaiyat, for mezzo soprano & piano, Caroline Allonzo & Francois Bettencourt, 18.00 at Swedish Church, Paris. 


Inferno, for 5 instruments, conductor & video to be published by SMIC. 


Casss-sandra, for solo alto flute & percussion to be published by SMIC. 


Cold, Dry Wind, for piano, Christine Marchais, 18.30 Bateau Daphnée, Paris. 


Casss-sandra, for solo alto flute & percussion, 18.00, Marina Cyrino at Gothenburg Music Academy. 


Inferno, for ensemble & a dancing conductor! Ensemble for New Music Tallinn, at the Academy Hall. 


Composition Lecture at Tallinn Music Academy, 16.00. 


Coffee Time, for 3 percussionists, Percussion Plus Festival, Stockholm. 


Pharmacy Suite, for ensemble. Composer's residency in Grez-sur-Loing, France. 


"I hate the theatre. I also hate the sight of blood,
but it's in my veins."
Charlie Chaplin

These compositions focus on written scores where theatrical indications are either obligatory or in some cases an alternative. Mansoor insists on calling these pieces theatrical music or musique théâtrale and not musical theater or théâtre musical. It is the music that has theatrical elements.

The term theatrical music, on the other hand, refers to, or should refer to music written for musicians who challenge certain theatrical tasks. Even if theatrical parts of a certain piece may seem to take more space than the music in that piece, it is done for musical reasons and, therefore, the music has the main role. The music, the score and musicians become one and the same.

Confrontation (1994)

for snare drum & floor tom, for 2 players.

The Rehearsal (2003)

for marimba

Barock 'n' Roll (2006)

for flute, clarinet, percussion, piano, harpsichord (or harp), 2 violins, cello & conductor. Read more...

Sonata For A Prisoner (2006)

for violin & cd.

Another Metal (1997)

for a violin player surrounded by percussions

Black Metallic Tree (2007)

for 2 percussionists.

In memory of Yoshihisa Ta├»ra

Working Time (2007)

for 3 people.

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