Recycle, for cello & percussion, to be published by SMIC. 


Inferno, for 5 instruments, conductor & video to be published by SMIC. 


Opera In The Dark, for soprano, violin, electronics & video, 20.00, Teater Trixter, Gothenburg. 


Opera In The Dark, for soprano, violin, electronics & video, 17.00, Teater Trixter, Gothenburg. 


Skin of Their Light Animae IV, for flute, electric guitar & percussion. Video: Diane Drubay, Galerie Dièse 22, Paris. 


Casss-sandra, for solo alto flute & percussion to be published by SMIC. 


Galatea, electroacoustic, video: Isabel P. del Pulgar, 4 pm, Video Art Screening at CCA Cinema, Glasgow, Sound Thought Festival. 


Inferno video with 5 instruments & conductor. 5 pm, Danska Banken, Gothenburg. 


Skin of Their Light Animae IV, for flute, electric guitar & percussion. Video: Diane Drubay, Vernissage at Galerie Dièse 22, Paris. 


Residency in Gdansk, Composition project part II. 


Composition project with Kwartludium Ensemble, Warsaw, 24/09 - 08/09.


Recycle, for cello & percussion, Ensemble Ume Duo, 22.00 at Panda Theater, Kulturbrauerei, Berlin. 


Pharmacy Suite, for flute, clarinet, string trio & conductor, Ensemble KNM Berlin, 8 pm at Kesselhaus, Berlin. 


Cold, Dry Wind, for piano, Francois Bettencourt, 18.00 at Swedish Church, Paris. 


Rubaiyat, for mezzo soprano & piano, Caroline Allonzo & Francois Bettencourt, 18.00 at Swedish Church, Paris. 


Composition workshop, Gothenburg Music. 


Film music lecture, music college of Gothenburg. 




"Musical innovation is full of danger to the State,
for when modes of music change,
the laws of the State always change with them"




Mansoor Hosseini has studied composition in Paris with Phillipe Capdenat and Yoshihisa Taïra. Later he joined the theory and computer-music classes of Peter Swinnen at the Royal Music Conservatory of Brussels as well as composition classes of Carl-Axel Hall at the Gothenburg Music Conservatory.

Hosseini’s creations within theatrical music are inspired by martial arts, contemporary dance and theater. His research and studies with composers such as Georges Aperghis encouraged him to follow this composing style.

Hosseini currently works with avant-garde music, dance and theater groups and composes contemporary music for various ensembles around Europe and America. In 2007, he founded Themus Association and Themus Ensemble with the purpose of combining musicians and actors or even musicians becoming actors, leading to musical theater or, as he prefers to call it, theatrical music.

Hosseini's creations have, among others, been performed by:

Nymphenburger Kammerorchester, Ensemble KNM BerlinC-Y Contemporary, Ensemble Chronophonie, Rangbrook Ensemble, Gageego, Belgrade Philharmonic's chamber players, Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra's chamber players, Opus Neuf, Curious Chamber Players, Ning Ensemble, Neopercusion, Themus Ensemble, Duo Myosa, Duo Vitare, CexSaxo Duo, Turku Philharmonic's chamber musicians, Duo EgoUme DuoRaphael Bell, Christian Berg, Gregory Oakes, Sabrina Ma, Ricarda Gnauck, Michael Kirkendol, Henja Semmler, Stijn Kuppens, Kiyo Wada, Mårten Falk, Aleksandar Latkovic, Henrik Larsen and more.



As a musician, Hosseini has participated in recordings such as:

Persian International Philharmonic

Rimsky-Korsakov & Aram Khachaturian,
Persian International Philharmonic
conductor Alexander Rahbari

Tupperware et bibelot,
by Julian Julien